After the sad end of his last job, he considered for a brief period whether it was possible to survive on selling homemade candles and playing piano at bars, mostly for the waiters. Even though he was not a remarkable programmer, the untidiness of his software was much less noticeable than in his candle-making and popular piano pieces, so he promptly sat back on his computer. Soon after, he started answering the phone by saying "Manas, good morning?", which was often closely followed by "Yes, mom - there's still some food left in the fridge". He was sometimes joined by a remarkable and missed colleague for afternoons programming sprints, who was fond of knocking mate onto his notebook after each successful commit. After experimenting with polyphasic sleep and 28 hour days, he reached the conclusion that life as a free-lance programmer was sad, and that he missed sharing his passion with other equally enthusiastic people.

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