"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" -- Proverb

Nothing beats a good vacation to recharge, come back with fresh ideas and enthusiasm to share.

There is no limit to the amount of vacation days you can take, but be sure to use this freedom responsibly. Choose carefully which are the best dates, duration and distribution of your holidays.

There's two things required before you can take your vacations:

  • Check that no one sees any issues with the date and duration of your vacations with the members of those teams you're working with. Avoid overlap with your teammates as much as possible. And if you're working on your own, find someone to cover for you should something urgent arise.
  • Let everyone know in advance, the notification should come with as much anticipation as the length of your vacations. For instance:
    • If you're taking Friday off you should notify it on Wednesday
    • If you're taking a week off from a Monday 11th to a Friday 15th you should notify on Friday the 1st
    • If you're taking March off you should notify on the last day of January

It's only necessary to make any arrangements about your plans if you're going to stop working. If what you want is a change of scenery, but you're going to keep on working, feel free to do that anytime. Just make sure there's no meeting which requires you to be physically present in that time.

Bon voyage!

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