How it works

Every month a set budget is added to your Start Me Up account, the amount of which is retouched every semester. The Start Me Up budget begins accumulating on your first day of work and has no expiration date. This program is voluntary, you don't have to participate unless you want to. The budget can be put to any development you fancy, almost anything you come up with is fair game: mobile apps, libraries, web services, desktop apps, games, apps for a specific device, enrolling in competitions or contests, etc. You can use your budget in 1 of 4 ways:

  1. To buy your own time. You can purchase your own work hours to dedicate them to the project at hand.
  2. To buy someone else's time. You can get somebody's time, as long as they're interested, by buying their hours if you need help from a programmer or QA or designer, etc.
  3. To purchase necessary expenses, for instance, a particular device or library, a product or a license for one. As long as it is justified, you can get the cash necessary for it out of your Start Me Up budget.
  4. To invest into someone else's project. If somebody comes up to you with an idea you're interested in, and their budget falls short, you can invest your own. Everyone who has invested in a project, both the owner and anyone else approved for it, will be stock holders for as much as they have invested. Winnings made from that project from sales, commercializing, subscriptions or rewards for 12 months after the first earning will be added to the stock holders accounts (proportional to their participation) to be reinvested into this same project or any other.

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