This system brings countless advantages, it allows you to reward those who you enjoy working with. You can be the judge of what kind of behaviour you want to reward everyone for, be that their outstanding performance, their ability to catch interesting or profitable projects, that they constantly add to the collective knowledge pool, or that they make Manas' atmosphere more enjoyable. It's all up to you.

There are no spreadsheets with review areas and points to step in between you and everyone's salary, you've got full control over the final result. On the other hand, the collective view of the value you add to Manas dictates your compensation. There's no room for an ill-tempered boss to pass you over, anyone in particular you have to cozy up to, and no skills ignored by an arbitrary form.

You should focus on adding value where it makes more of a difference, everything else will come along. The one disadvantage which could be attributed to this system lies in the concept itself: there is no one person with whom you can discuss your salary. If you'd rather sit down with someone and demand for a specific raise you will find plenty other companies to suit you. Manas is not one of them.

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